Life can throw you many curve-balls that you almost never see coming your way. You try your best to hit those curve balls, but no matter what you somehow always miss them. We are faced with multiple issues having to do with love, health, image, e.t.c. Our lives can be so stressful at times we can’t really deal with the constant up and down of emotion. Some are hit with situations much worse than yours and helps you put things in perspective. I want to get into a personal story about a female I knew growing up.

April wasn’t your average 17 year old, her mother passed away when she was 12 and her father ran off with another woman. Since her mother’s passing she lived with her aunt and cousin. Over the years April and her cousin shared responsibilities in the house to help out. April had a part time job with a corporate catering company to help with some of the bills in the house, yet she barely made ends meet. She even participated in a lot of extracurricular activities in school that she enjoyed. There was never a moment where she wasn’t keeping busy, or doing something.

One day April was cleaning the house when she started experiencing sharp pain in her lower back and her abdomen. She figured it was gas or something else simple. A half hour later she started screaming in agonizing pain, it sounded like someone was putting her through a grinder.

Her cousin was in the kitchen cooking when she found April lying on the floor holding her stomach. They drove to the ER where April’s aunt met with them, they were terrified. The nurse asked April what her symptoms were, but since she was in so much pain it was hard for her to talk. Her cousin had to answer some of the questions for her.

endometriosis pain

Once they described her pain and April was settled into a room where the doctor was going to perform a pelvic exam. It was painful but the doctor was gentle with April and sympathized with her pain.

The doctor felt large cysts behind April’s uterus the Doctor immediately scheduled an ultrasound to make sure her findings were accurate. After the ultrasound the doctor diagnosed her with endometriosis. April didn’t know anything about this condition so she started asking plenty of questions.

Even though she was in pain she avoided the surgery at all cost. She was prescribed pain killers and was instructed to be in bed for a couple days. April educated studied her condition obsessively she learned new techniques to tolerate the pain. She had the loving support of her aunt and her cousin through it all.

She became more active and took up yoga, and meditation on the weekends. She began eating healthier foods and slowly and incorporated more raw vegetables to her diet. She missed school a lot but stayed on top of her work and managed to still graduate. She worked full time after graduation and by the fall she was accepted into a local college.

She started to be speak at middle schools to young girls about her condition in hopes of educating them. She felt that every young girl should know the the early signs of Endometriosis. She still lives with her condition but she hasn’t let it take her life over. She remains happy and healthy living with endometriosis and is spreading the awareness to everyone.

Her tips are simple, eat right and exercise daily without a hiccup and you will live a happier longer life.