Mom and Child

laughter-momentsWhen you were a little girl have you ever said to yourself I’m going to be a good Mother to my children. Some have also said, “I will never be like my mom when I grow up? Little girls are always thinking about how it would be, young girls are curious like that. Once you did became a mother you had no idea how tough it would be. You also never understood the amount of physical and mental emotion it would take to be a mother. You may have some regrets about jumping around hiring different companies from Kitchener moving services to Denver molly maids. Moving around like that plays a toll on you. From switching schools to starting a new job, you never really understand the pressure that builds up as a Mother until you get there.


A Mother will always have their unique relationship with their child boy or girl. But the relationship between a mother and daughter is very different compared to a mother and son relationship. The difference between the two is that a mother cannot teach her son how to be a man like a father. A mother can nurture and teach her son right from wrong, but can’t explain what it is like to be a man or what hormones he might be experiencing. A mother can do her best, but it is a fathers job to teach his son how to be a man, he can also explain changes better to the young son as well.

family laughter

The relationship between a mother and daughter is special because they can open up to each other much easier. It has been said that a mother can tell whether her daughter is telling the truth or not based on their facial expression. There is a wide range of topics Mother and Daughter can share with each other.

Birds and the bees talk, going through the “female change”, boys, body stuff the list may be endless. Some mothers may find it hard to explain the facts of life to their daughters but they must make it a point to do so. It really is a never ending learning experience. A Mother and Daughter relationship never has a dull moment once the daughter is growing and becoming a woman all bets are off, it speeds up from there.

It’s not always perfect for a Mother and Daughter, once a young woman starts experiencing love, mood swings, and a social life it gets more complicated. The road starts to get bumpier for a mother they may argue, have disagreements even stop talking for a while. But a good mother will never let all the bickering damage what she has with her daughter.

Growing girls can be stubborn and ignorant towards their mothers idea’s and views. Some Mother’s have to keep in mind that their child may still be still immature and not fully understand life yet. Once Mother and daughter understand each other that can smooth out things temporarily.

This relationship will continue as both mother and daughter get older and experience life with each other. I’m pretty sure you have witnessed a lot of firsts with your daughter and the journey was a beautiful one. And as a daughter you had the best tour guide in life. It is an ongoing cycle, but being a daughter is rewarding because you can teach and guide your own baby girl as good as your own mother did for you.